Online source for body/mind/soul

What is the difference between those who extraordinarily thrive in every area of their lives while others just strive?

consistent  training
the grit  to maintain focus
soul-centered support

I know you have a big vision for your life - I know that every fiber of your being longs to feel whole, happy, healthy, at ease, and successful in all areas of your life; this is why I created GRIT SOUL…an online source for body / mind / soul transformation to support those who are ready to take a deep dive into creating a life of their dreams.

grit{passion and perseverance}
soul {the essence of who you are}

Whether you are ready to align more closely with your true nature (what really drives and motivates you), get more in tune physically, finally have the relationship / do the thing / take the trip / work in the field you’ve always dreamed of, be in a community with other people who are ready to begin a soulful journey towards their best selves, or live with more passion…GRIT SOUL is here to support you, empower you, and provide the platform for you to LAUNCH!

As a leader in the fitness and yoga industry for the past 15 years, I have supported thousands of local and international students on their journey to wellness and wholeness. My authentic “keep-it-real” style is tempered with love and may be one of the reasons why I was named a Dynamic Woman of Atlanta in 2016 by The Atlantan Magazine and also Atlanta’s “Best Yoga Instructor” in 2017 by Best Self Magazine (or it could be a complete fluke!).

Many people have come to me over the years with a goal to look and feel better physically, however, my experiences with clients taught me that people desire more profound transformation (and that a fit body is just the cherry on top). More often than not, people have a hunger for connection, a desire to live more authentically and a yearning to become the best version of themselves not only physically, but also in mind and spirit. My journey of emotional and spiritual healing through fitness and yoga has given me the ability to offer class experiences and teachings that go beyond the physical, and which inspire people to create a personal revolution within their lives.

I'm crazy passionate about supporting those that are ready to move on from merely being a "toe-dipper" and which are prepared to take a big jump into the deep-end of their life. If that's you, I'm so glad we found each other! Let's do this together, my friend. It's your time.
-Leila J.

What you receive through GRIT SOUL… An intentional and practical architecture for body / mind / soul transformation. 


On-demand access to quick and effective fitness and yoga classes to keep your body healthy, strong and feeling zesty.


On-demand access to short guided meditations each with a specific focus to get you out of your head and into your “ahhhh”.


Life planning — with new cutting edge curriculum each month — delivered with practical direction to begin applying, thinking and living in a way that supports the big vision you have for your life.


Support from a tribe of like-minded and like-hearted soul seekers just like you — sharing breakthroughs, breakdowns, and insights from what we’re currently learning and applying in our lives.


Weekly group learning and coaching sessions to receive wisdom from learned experiences, to ask questions, and to chat about what’s developing in your life.


Bonus instructional videos, readings and meditations that enhance and support the month’s curriculum.